The Incentive Program

Active Clergy who are covered under the health plan will have the opportunity to earn up to $720 a year off their insurance premium. Clergy MUST participate in the health screening at Annual Conference or make arrangements with Personal Health Partners to get blood work done by Oct 27. Each goal met in the following criteria will earn $10:

  • Participation in the health screening program required $10
  • Walkingspree "Amazing Pace" walking program requires an average of 6,000 steps a month per day for measurement period of 6/1/2017 through 10/27/2017.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) <30 $10
  • Blood Pressure equals 140/90 or less $10
  • Total Chol/HDL Ratio equals 5.0 or less $10
  • HgA1C (non-diabetics) < 6.5
  • HgA1C (known diabetics) <7.1 $10