Christmas Eve is the most hospitable moment in the church calendar to invite new people to your church! They are more likely to say “yes” to an invitation then than at any other time. If your members are aware of this strategic opportunity, why not empower them to connect with their friends while your worship planning team is already preparing for a special night that catches your church at its best?

SHARE THE JOY offers you, free of charge, several social-media-ready videos to capture the interest of those whose hearts are especially open at Christmas time. Your use of the videos should target a sharing campaign by your church’s social media users within 10 days of Christmas Eve.

  1. Download the videos from the links at the bottom of this page or the Conference Facebook page. Make them available to all your church members through Facebook and other social media venues.
  2. Encourage them to “share” with all their friends and include details of your services. With the click of the “share” button, your members connect with their friends through their social media networks. Comments provide the details people will need to consider attending your service, such as:

“Merry Christmas, all! I love this season and hope this little video shares the joy of it. We’d love to have you join us at our church this Christmas Eve for a beautiful service… It begins at 7 p.m. at FUMC, 1234 Joy Street, Smalltown, Oklahoma. Let me know if I can save you a seat or answer any questions. Merry Christmas.” 

  1. Share the different videos with the same kind of message repeatedly as Christmas Eve approaches, starting a week or so out. Subsequent shares might add more information: “we’ll provide childcare” or “live nativity,” “photo booth” or “cookie reception.”

Social media is one step ahead of radio and TV promotions in that potential attendees already have a connection with at least one person in your church — the one who shared the invitation. This could be your most effective promotional campaign ever at no cost. Contact Chris Buskirk, with the Oklahoma Conference Evangelism Task Force, if you have questions:

Also, be sure to make plans to welcome newcomers in person on Christmas Eve, as you anticipate guests who accept your social media invitations. Make sure they are warmly welcomed and have a chance to interact with their friends before, during, or after the service and to meet a few others in your church family. (Ideas: a cookie reception, a photo booth, etc.). Attractively package and present a few opportunities for a newcomer’s return in the near future: an upcoming event, a new activity group, a ministry that may meet some of THEIR needs. (Ideas: a big-screen announcement, a flyer in a coffee mug filled with candy, etc.)

Be creative. Share the joy this Christmas with more of those for whom Jesus came!


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