Ministerial Education Fund Scholarship Application


The Purpose of the Ministerial Education Fund is to help Oklahoma United Methodist Seminary students complete their degree and enter full time United Methodist ministry.

The deadline for the Fall application is August 15.
Contact Nancy Johnson, for any questions.

The deadlines for MEF Scholarship applications are:

  • August 15, for the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • December 1, for the Spring semester only.
    If you are enrolled to attend interim classes (Winter or Summer terms), contact our Scholarships Coordinator.

Newly Certified Candidates are exempt from the deadlines.

Please submit your MEF Scholarship applications to:
Rev. Nancy Johnson, 1501 N.W. 24th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106-3635
  GBHEM Scholarships

GBHEM Scholarships

  Local Pastor Course of Study Financial Assistance
Cohlmia Scholarship for Perkins COS Students

The Oklahoma Board of Ordained Ministry provides scholarships for the Course of Study. The current scholarship is $200 per course. Although the BOM recognizes this does not cover the students’ costs of the COS the BOM uses all the funds available to assist with the costs of COS.

On most COS registration forms there is a place for the Conference Local Pastor Registrar to sign. The student should have the District Superintendent sign the form, send it to the BOM Local Pastor Registrar for him/her to sign and the completed form will be sent back to the student. When the form is signed by the Local Pastor Registrar and it is confirmed there is a current District Committee on Ministry (dCOM) Action Report on file with the Local Pastor Registrar the Registrar will send the scholarship request to the BOM Treasurer. The scholarship funds will then be paid directly to the student.

If the COS course does not require the Local Pastor Registrar to sign the registration form the student must send the COS registration to the Local Pastor Registrar for the scholarship process to begin.

The Annual Conference does not pay for a grade of "F" or a class withdrawal. In those cases, the student must pay for the next course and pass the course before being eligible for financial aid once again.

  Contact Information

Rev. Nancy Johnson:, (405)530-2007

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