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With the passage of a resolution at Annual Conference in May 2003, all local congregations of the Oklahoma Conference have entered into a process of exploring and addressing safety issues related to ministry as they impact children, youth, and vulnerable adults. The resources here are intended to assist local leaders in this process. If you need additional help or have questions that are not answered here, call (800)231-4166 or (405)530-2000, or visit the Discipleship Ministries page. You can also find resources for smaller congregations and larger congregations.

Effective September 1, 2011, the conference retained a new company for background checks (Trak-1), thus removing our office as a third-party billing agency, and enabling us to become paperless. In other words, background checks are now conducted on-line and no application or reference forms should be mailed to the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions Information for Oklahoma UMC Churches

You may use Trak-1 or any other background check company your church desires.

  • Your church most likely already has an account with Trak-1.  In 2011, all churches in our conference were assigned accounts during the “free” initial set up period. Please contact Megan DeCastro (405) 530-2000 at the conference office for further help on your account and how to get started.
  • In an effort to save time and expense, you may check on Trak-1 to see if the person for whom you wish to run a background check already has a current/valid background check. Some people may have a background check that was conducted for them through camps; therefore you would not have to do another. All background checks now have a two-year expiration.
  • Please be sure to verify if the person already has a current/valid background check on Trak-1.  Some people may have a background check that was conducted for camps through the conference with Trak-1; therefore your church would not have to do another.
  • Go to  
  • Enter your churches user name and user password.      
  • Find the box on the lower left side called “Search”.
  • In that box click on “conference”.
  • Enter the person’s last name and click on search.

When you check on the status of a background check, you will see if it is Active  (yes or no) and the Decision.

  •  The following is the way to submit background checks with Trak-1.  You will need the person’s email address.  Make sure to tell them that they need to check their email for the “invite” so that they can complete the online application for the background check.  PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS.  Do not go to “Applications”.

Log on to this link:

  1. Enter your User ID & Password
  2. In the box on the left side labeled “Smart-Trak Tools,” Click on “Send Training Invite”
  3. Enter the person’s email address and name
  4. Under “Training”  pick, “Background Screening Only”
    For under 18 years of age pick “References Only”
  5. Under “Package”  pick, “Child Protection Package (VMS)”
    For under 18 years of age pick “Custom Training”
  6. Under “References Required” pick (1) for pastoral and (2) for personal
  7. Under “Bill To” choose organization; Billing code should be left blank
  8. Set recurrence by months - 0 months for training and 24 months for Background Screening
  9. Send

For more information regarding Safe Sanctuary policies in the local church.

Annual Conference
The following documents are in PDF file format and require the Acrobat Reader - a free download software program to read.

Background Check Information
Contact Megan DeCastro, 405-530-2000

The first time you access Trak-1, you will need to initiate the “client set-up process.” See instructions at the top of this page. Going through this process with Trak-1 will set up your church’s password for future use.

Conference/District Camp Leaders/Volunteers
Your camp dean will determine if you are due for a new background screening and will contact you if necessary.

ALL under appointment may contact Nancy Johnson for background screenings – no matter for what purpose (i.e., camp or other events).
405. 530. 2007

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