Baptism in The United Methodist Church


Have you heard everything there is to know about baptism? Think again. This new resource is the perfect teaching aid about the sacrament of baptism. It covers topics such as these: " Why our understanding and practice of baptism change over time " Why we should use more, rather than less, water when we baptize " Why Jesus" baptism was about more than the forgiveness of sins " Why there is no preferred age (infant, youth or adult) for baptism This DVD contains five segments:
1. For all ages"reflections on the meaning of baptism as it is lived out each day
2. For adults"an overview of baptism by today"s top scholars and church leaders
3. For adults"a focus on the liturgy and meaning of Christian baptism
4. For youth ages 12 to 18"ideal for confirmation classes, small groups and retreats
5. For children ages 8 to 11"ideal for Sunday school or evening programs Free guides are available.

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