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featuring Chris Seay includes three award-winning short films by Jason Hildebrand Guilt, shame, entitlement, bitterness, grief-stricken ... our relationships with others surface a variety of feelings. In these three sessions, viewers will experience the Prodigal Son story of the Bible through the eyes of the younger son, the elder son and the father as performed in separate, dramatic films by professional actor/writer, Jason Hildebrand. After each short film, Chris Seay will walk us through the scripture helping us to understand how jealousy, selfishness and forgiveness effect our own lives and relationships. Three part video series with Chris Seay on:
Session 1 The Younger Son (13 min.)
Session 2 The Elder Son (11 min.)
Session 3 The Father (16 min.) Includes a Leaders Guide (44 pages) and Workbook (36 pages), In addition, three video-driven sermon illustrations: Josh and Katie Hamilton: Major League Baseball All-star, Josh Hamilton, and his wife Katie share about the devastation that Josh's drug addiction brought upon their marriage. In this candid interview, Katie reveals what it took for her to forgive Josh and allow God to work miracles in their relationship. A Man Fell in a Hole: Told in the manner of a modern day parable, this dramatic video illustration examines the life of a man searching through the false promises of other religions. His life demonstrates that there is only one path that will lift mankind out of its destitute condition. Effects of Sin and Grace: What happens when we deny we are sinners? 1 John says that makes us liars and the truth is not in us. What happens when Jesus sheds His blood for our sins? We receive grace. This hope-filled video illustration compares the effects of iodine and food coloring to sin and grace.

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