James: Brother of Jesus?


Examine the artifact that some experts are saying is the most important religious discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls. The James Ossuary is an ancient stone burial box that was discovered in October, 2002. Other ossuaries are found with some regularity in the Middle East. But no others bear this inscription, written in ancient Aramaic: "James, Son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus." Predictably, the James Ossuary has sparked excitement and controversy since the moment it came to light. Historians and theologians have hailed it as perhaps the most important religious discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Others have questioned the inscription or declared it irrelevant, since Jesus didn't have a brother. SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD delves into the questions surrounding this remarkable artifact with the help of biblical scholars, archeologists and leading theologians.

We know that James assumed the leadership of the early Church and that he was martyred in 62 AD. Carbon dating has established the age of the James Ossuary at 63 AD. If there really is a connection between the two, it will add a dramatic new chapter to our understanding of the origins of Christianity.

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