Parenting Your Teenager: A Six-Week Bible Study


This series includes 24 powerful real-life stories from parents and teens. Also weaving together these life stories are biblical and practical teaching from Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. 4 DVD's (listed below) are with the 6-week study. Leader's and Workbook and promotional poster (2005) Identity: (DVD) 'Who am I' is the question every teenager asks her/himself. Tensions and conflicts can develop at home while the teen is the process of answering that question. This episode will give parents tools to help their teens find their identity in Christ. Parents will learn ways to convey the attitudes of unconditional love that will draw their teens closer. They will also explore the most important skills of communication. The Toolbox: (follow-up lesson) Turmoil: (DVD) Every day teenagers are faced with complicated relationships, images of impossible beauty and difficult challenges. All these forces can cause a young person to feel insecure, depressed or even angry. This episode will help parents empathize with the jumbled emotions of their teens. Parents will learn biblical and practical tips for helping teens in this time of their lives. Rebellion: (DVD) Parenting can be tough. Teens will make mistakes, cross boundaries and lose the trust of their parents. This episode will give advice on how to deal with the scary issues like rebellion, drugs, drinking and sex. Parents will learn ways to set boundaries and establish clear and realistic consequences. Legacy: (DVD) As children grow, they start seeing the world and faith through their own eyes. They can go through periods of questions and doubts about their faith. This episode will offer parents help and encouragement to deal with the spiritual questions of their teens. Parents will learn ways to maintain the relationship even in the midst of differences in beliefs. Steven Curtis Chapman talks about his own family and faith. Disciplining Your Teenager: (follow-up lesson)

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