Making Marriage Work: A Biblical look at Marriage


4 DVD set with leader guide. Twenty couples share their deepest struggles, conflicts and misconceptions about marriage. This includes a four part video series of Biblical and practical tips to cultivate a healthy and happy marriage and 2 follow up study sessions. DVD Episodes:
1. Myths The belief in a happily-ever-after marriage is one of the most widely held and destructive myths. This episode will help take the unrealistic expectation/misguided assumptions out of marriage. Couples will learn practical tips to cultivate their relationship.
2. Pressure: No matter how strong a marriage is, it is vulnerable. Bad things happen to good marriages. How do you handle financial pressure, relocation, infidelity or even the loss of a child. This chapter offers encouraging ways to survive the most heartbreaking crisis a marriage can endure. Couples will learn communication and relationship skills. 3. Conflict: Misunderstandings are a natural part of marriage. Stressed-out, dual career couples today have more to negotiate than ever, and the potential for conflict is at every turn. MMW will explore the common issues that trip up marriages. Couples will discover why conflict can be good in a marriage and learn how to fight fair.
4. Faith: There is more to a thriving marriage than good communication and conflict resolution. MMW will show the need for spiritual intimacy and its deep meaning to marriage. Couples will discover how God is revealed in their partnership and learn specific and practical tools for tending to the soul of their marriage. (2004)

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