Phishing E-mails

On this page, we will list known spam or phishing e-mails that have been reported to our IT office. If you receive any emails appearing to be from the Bishop or any other conference leader, you can mark the email as spam, report it to your email provider (i.e. Google), and report it to the OKUMC IT office. Reporting the email is not required, the most important thing to remember is not to respond to it.

If you’re unsure whether to report a message as spam or phishing, spam emails are usually sent in bulk and they are often aimed at getting you to purchase something. Phishing emails ask you to provide information like your bank account number, SS number, password or other sensitive information. These emails that appear to come from the Bishop or other leaders are phishing emails. If you respond to them, additional emails will be sent eventually asking for financial information.

Reported July 22, 2021


Hello , Are you less busy at the moment?I got a request for you to manage confidentially. I will be into a meeting  in few minutes, no calls so kindly respond via email.


Yours Sincerely ,
(District Superintendent’s name) 


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