Phishing E-mails

On this page, we will list known spam or phishing e-mails that have been reported to our IT office. If you receive any emails appearing to be from the Bishop or any other conference leader, you can mark the email as spam, report it to your email provider (i.e. Google), and report it to the OKUMC IT office. Reporting the email is not required, the most important thing to remember is not to respond to it.

If you’re unsure whether to report a message as spam or phishing, spam emails are usually sent in bulk and they are often aimed at getting you to purchase something. Phishing emails ask you to provide information like your bank account number, SS number, password or other sensitive information. These emails that appear to come from the Bishop or other leaders are phishing emails. If you respond to them, additional emails will be sent eventually asking for financial information.

Reported January 6, 2022

From: Bishop James G. Nunn []
Sent: Thursday, January 6, 2022 7:43 AM
To: (Conference Employee's email address)
Subject: Change of payroll details

Hi (conference employee's name),

I need to change my paycheck direct deposit details before the next payroll is completed. What details do you need and would the change be effective for the current pay date?

Please advise.


Bishop James G. Nunn 


Reported December 17, 2021

Together is power.

Dear (conference employee's email address)

Your existing Mcafee Data Protection plan expired today. According to our license agreement, we've auto-renewed your plan for another year. An amount of $420 has been charged from your registered bank account for the same.

Kindly review your order & billing details below via reference TXN ID NP02SZ4YFVD3


License ID: AWCP-7PXS-5T9Y-597F
Devices: 5
Valid Till: 12/17/22
Total Billing Amount: $420 (Incl. of all taxes)

If you did not make this purchase, reach our support executives at (855) 743-8844. In case of cancellation, call us within 24 hours to request for a full refund.

© 2021 McAfee, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 6220 ACD, San Jose, CA 95002, USA

Reported November 29, 2021

Dear (Email Recipient),

Image - Divider

Your service renewal was completed successfully. You are now protected from spyware, ransomware, and other threats with VPNs, antivirus software, and cloud backup services.

Payment has been received for this purchase by our team, Thank You for paying!!!

Image - Divider

0rder details are here:-


Product: Nort-Pro Advance
Date: Nov. 29, 2021
Payment: USD 259.36
Payment Mode: Auto-Pay
Status: Approved


Need Help??

If you want to cancel this purchase, Please contact with us.

Feel free to reach us at:+1(888) 839–0375.

Thanks and regards,

+1(888) 839–0375

Reported October 20, 2021

From: Nandini Sahu <> or 
Date: Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 10:24 AM
To: <>
Dear there!
Your Annual membership for NORTON FAMILY [ALL DEVICE] has been renewed and updated successfully.
The amount charged will be reflected within the next 24 to 48 hrs. on your account profile.
INVOICE ID           #             PYBQ99865OD
ITEM NAME           #             NORTON FAMILY [ALL DEVICE]
START DATE           #             20-10-2021
FINISH DATE           #             1 year from ISSUE DATE
AMOUNT TOTAL           #             $226.72USD
PAYMENT METHOD           #             Debit from account


If you wish to stop subscription and ask for a REIMBURSE then please feel free to call our Billing Department as soon as possible.

You can Reach us on :  +1 – ( 877 ) – ( 909 ) – 6544
Reported October 12, 2021

From: Employee’s name []
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 10:06 AM
To: (Payroll contact)
Subject: Hello 


I have recently changed banks, can you update my payroll direct deposit information? Previous account on record will be inactive a few days before the next pay day.

(Employee’s name)

Reported September 16, 2021

From: order confirmed <>

This is an auto-generated confirmation email for the purchase that you have done.
You will receive another email with the invoice shortly.
This charge may appear in your account in the next 24 hours of purchase.

If you want to cancel or modify your order, visit FXiTunes/apple. store or call at    1  (866) <415>-<9462>

Please find your order information below:

Order Date: 16-Sep-2021
Order Name: 12 TB iCloud Space
Amount: USD 999.997269
Paid via SiTunes

We hope you shop with us again soon.
Apple Inc.
Helpdesk :  1  (866) <415>-<9462>

Reported September 2, 2021


Hello pastor (name) Are you less busy at the moment?I got a request for you to manage confidentially. I will be into a meeting  in few minutes, no calls so kindly respond via email thanks. 

Yours Sincerely

Bishop James Nunn

**********************If you respond to the above email, you receive the following**********

Here's what i want you to do for me because i'm a little busy right now. I have been working on incentives and i aimed at surprising patients infected with COVID-19 with gift cards today.This should be Confidential until they all have the gift cards as its a surprise and you will keep one for yourself too.

Can you get this done? and how soon?

Reported August 3, 2021

Subject: #####ORDER

Dear respected client,

Your Membership for NORTON PROTECTION has been successfully renewed & restored.
**The debited amount will be reflected within the next 24 to 48 hours. On your A/C statement.
If you wish to claim a REFUND then please feel free to Contact our Billing Department as soon as Possible.


Regards ,
Billing Department

Reported July 22, 2021


Hello , Are you less busy at the moment?I got a request for you to manage confidentially. I will be into a meeting  in few minutes, no calls so kindly respond via email.


Yours Sincerely ,
(District Superintendent’s name) 


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