Bi-Vocational Pastors Academy

Rev. Brandon Blacksten, Dean of BVPA; or (405) 359-2287 and Rev. Nancy Johnson, Dean of BVPA; or (405) 530-2007

  • What is the overall purpose of the academy?

To equip Oklahoma laypeople to become bi-vocational, part-time pastors in small churches located near them.

  • Isn’t being a pastor always a full-time assignment?

There has always been a provision in our Book of Discipline for bi-vocational, part-time local pastors.

  • Who participates?

Potential candidates often already serve as volunteers in a church. They may come from many walks of life: teachers, bankers, farmers, business owners, etc. A district superintendent must nominate the person.

  • How long does the academy last?

The academy consists of six sessions, held monthly (September through March, excluding December).

  • What are the expectations?

Participants are expected to complete 80 hours of training required by The Board of Ordained Ministry.

  • How much does it cost?

$300 per person. Covers all books and meals. Apportionments, The Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation and The Board of Ordained Ministry are underwriting the academy. Before deployment, all pastors also must undergo a psychological evaluation, with that expense shared by the participant and the Board of Ordained Ministry.

  • What is the curriculum?

Bible—Reading the Bible and leading Bible study to make disciples

Preaching—Communicating the Gospel in a way to grow disciples

United Methodist Ethos—What a UM disciple of Jesus Christ does

  • Will I earn any salary for serving as a part-time local pastor?

Churches do pay, based on their financial ability. But these bi-vocational pastors will receive primary compensation from their other work.



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