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Ordained Elders

The Board of Ordained Ministry is responsible for supporting persons who respond to God's call to professional ministry as an Elder, Deacon, Licensed Local Pastor, or other certified and licensed ministry options.

Together with the appropriate District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM), the Board reviews the educational and personal qualifications of candidates, including personal interviews, through each step of the candidacy process, from certified candidacy to ordination or licensing. The Board then makes a recommendation to the Clergy Session at Annual Conference. It also reviews and makes recommendations on all changes in Conference Relationship, whether voluntary or involuntary.

These web pages are designed to give candidates and those exploring ministry options a place for information and resources about the process of ordination and licensing.

For persons who are trained as candidacy mentors, you will want to read the material on the page about Candidacy Mentors.

For persons who are members of district committees on ordained ministry, you will want to read the page on District Committee on Ordained Ministry.

For persons who are members of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, or if you want to know more about who is on the Board and what they do, you will want to read the page on Conference Board of Ordained Ministry


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A complete listing of all district and conference forms relating to the Board of Ordained Ministry are listed here.
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