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UMC releases 2021 State of the Church Report


UM Communications News Release

Nashville, Tenn.: The United Methodist Church has released the 2021 State of the Church Report, which centers around the theme of claiming our identity. Beginning with Jesus’ question to Peter in Matthew 16, “Who do you say that I am?” the question is posed to the UMC, “Who do we say that we are?” as the church seeks to affirm the basis of their identity in faith and service to Christ.

“This State of the Church Report is about how The United Methodist Church over the past year has sought to better define its missional and theological identity,” said Bishop Christian Alsted, chair of the Connectional Table. “We have done this at a very sensitive time in the life of our church and in the context of a global pandemic, multiple postponements of General Conference and our decades-long struggle over our understanding of human sexuality and how to be in ministry to all people.”

With this in mind, the report is built around the engaging #BeUMC campaign, which celebrates how the church sees itself as United Methodists. Celebrating the life-changing, diverse and global nature of the UMC, the report includes related articles that illustrate the four themes reflected in the #BeUMC campaign: disciple making, belonging and inclusion, influence, connection and impact, and experience of God through the UMC.

View this report, as well as past reports, online at http://resourceumc.org/SOTC.

Local churches and annual conferences are encouraged to post on their websites and there is an option to download the video for use in Sunday worship or annual conference sessions.


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