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Simplified leadership structure may benefit some churches


Submitted by By Rev. Tish Malloy
Director of Transitional Ministries

When it comes to local church leadership, are these words ever said at your church?

“Why do we have to have three meetings to make one decision?”

“The same people do the work. We just move the names around on the report to the district superintendent.”

“Some people are afraid to say ‘yes’ to leadership positions in the church because they seem to become life sentences.”

If any of those statements ring true it may be that your congregations should explore transitioning to the Simplified Accountable Structure (SAS) for United Methodist churches.

This structure provides simpler decision-making processes and invites more people into servant ministry and not just meetings, meetings, and more meetings! It puts disciple-making and growing at the forefront of the churches mission.

SAS can be effective in churches of all sizes. Utilizing the book “Mission Possible: A Simple Structure for Missional Effectiveness” by Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford, the Oklahoma Conference Office of Transitional Ministry is prepared to send SAS certified coaches to your church to assist the congregation in learning about SAS and discerning whether this is the leadership structure for your future.

For more information, contact Rev. Tish Malloy, director of transitional ministries, at 405-530-2027.

The expanded third edition of “Mission Possible” may be purchased through the Conference office by contacting Malloy at 405-530-2027 or by email at tmalloy@okumc.org.  


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