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An old rancher’s adage carries truth: "The easiest way to herd a buffalo is in the direction he is already going." Christmas is fast approaching. Especially during the Christmas season, people seek spiritual experiences.

It’s a time that they are much more likely to take up invitations from us to Share the Joy of Christ.

Already stores are changing their product displays in preparation for the commercial promise that the holiday season bears. In some of our churches, choirs are beginning to practice special music and children’s programming is being planned.

Preparation helps to ensure a great season of joy.

Sometimes, however, in some of our churches, we miss out on sharing with others that wondrous message of the first Christmas. God even sent angels to declare that joy to the shepherds, the forgotten people out in the fields, busy with their ordinary, everyday duties.

We as followers of Jesus today also have much joy to offer at this time.

But like those long-ago shepherds, many people in our current culture need an invitation to share in it. Christmas events such as children’s programs and candlelight Communion services can help fill the need of people seeking spiritual experiences especially at this time.

But we have to get the word out ... Unto us all the Child is born! Come and SEE!

The Conference evangelism task force has a plan to help you invite those people who seek spiritual experiences especially at Christmas.

In the near future, a special email will go out to each church’s pastor, with numerous video resources to be used in social media to invite those in your network of friends and acquaintances.

You will be able to customize the resources to invite folks to your church’s particular holiday celebrations.

Get a jump on sharing the joy with others as early as Nov. 15!

Find videos in the Share the Joy Playlist on the YouTube channel "Okumc Communications."

Christmas is coming. Will you be ready to invite and welcome those who hunger to be part of our spiritual experiences this Christmas? Now is the time for preparations that will offer them chances to Share the Joy about the birth of a Savior.

• Talk to your pastor.

• Watch for emails and social media alerts with resources.

• Begin praying that you will notice that one who longs to be invited to become a part of your church’s Christmas events.

• Make disciples — look for new people, seek out new faces.

And if you have questions, feel free to contact me, Jim Hollifield, pastor at Wagoner-First UMC.


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