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Here’s how Clinton-First UMC was able to fully meet our Conference missional requests through Apportionments in 2016.

First, believe that God can miraculously intervene in your situation. Constantly call on God to intervene for you. At Clinton FUMC, God raised up volunteers to serve in four previously paid positions.

It takes God to help parishioners understand Apportionments are missional requests that meet real human needs. God will use every form of communication to do this: newsletters, bulletins, public announcements, videos, etc.

It takes God’s favor in Finance Committees. Accurate and inspirational information is needed. Clinton FUMC used a simple, inexpensive stewardship program titled "Grow-One Sunday," by Herb Miller.

Celebrate every financial victory. Say thank you as often as possible. If you send out quarterly giving statements, include a letter with positive reports on ministries supported and, again, say thank you.

Follow God’s leading. God may lead you to pray stewardship scriptures before the offering. God may lead you to regularly pray over every pew in your sanctuary. God may lead you to pray privately over the offering plates.

Do all you know to do as good stewards, depend on God and follow God’s leading, and God will help you fulfill your missional opportunities.

(The Clinton church gave $63,274 to fulfill its Apportionment last year, after missing the goal in 2014 and ’15.)

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