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Doing the kind of good we believe in takes sacrifice. There is a cost and we make sure it isn’t perceived as a loss but always manifests as thoughtful investment. You probably have a story of how someone invested their time or resources in your life and how it affected who you are and where you stand today. That is the kind of investment we are about.

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. This idea is what makes the good we do lasting. So many of the ministries and programs we support function to influence or create a system of long-term support for the needs in our communities. We invest in lasting good.

The nearly 75 years of our history are full of individuals making faithful acts of stewardship with the resources God provides, acts of investment in the lives of others to produce long-lasting good in the world. We empower people with dreams to affect single mothers, disadvantaged youth, remote villages where Jesus is yet to be known—dreams of lives being changed for good.

This is the continued vision for the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation and our new branding. Won’t you join the legacy?

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