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In 2019, the Foundation will be 75 years old!  The Foundation’s legacy is more than dates and events.  It’s a legacy of the heart. It’s a story about people who were compelled by grace, gratitude, and the dreams God placed in them to invest in lasting good. It is also the story of those who have been positively impacted by that investment.  The story of the Foundation could be told in some way with each of our almost  2,200 accounts.

“Endowments are the lifeblood of the local churches and the Church’s institutions.  I have always been a believer in the Foundation from the beginning.  With endowments, the donor’s interest is kept alive and keeps on growing” -Jim Egan

One individual who invested in lasting good is Jim Egan—who was one of the original incorporators of the Foundation. In 1945, he and his father bought a large parcel of land outside Tahlequah on the Barron Fork River and gave it to the Methodist Church to be developed into a church camp.  

Recently, Jimmy Doyle, who is on the Foundation staff, said, “I didn’t know who Jim Egan was, but he changed my life. I gave both my life to Christ and was called into ministry at Camp Egan.”  In our Conference there are many pastors who made the decision to go into the ministry at Camp Egan.  It would be difficult to know how many other lives have been changed while at Camp Egan.

Mr. Egan continued to support Camp Egan financially throughout his lifetime and continued his support of Camp Egan through his estate plan.

We can help you

We want to share with you how deeply the Foundation reaches into the lives of people all over the world.  Our mission is to help people invest in lasting good through endowments.

We work to help individuals, pastors, churches, and agencies to invest in people because we believe relationships are where change can happen and where incredible good can last beyond a single lifetime.

Do you have a vision for creating a legacy for lasting good?  It can be as broad or specific as you you like.  We can help you create a plan that makes your vision a reality.  Give us a call.  That’s all there is to it.




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