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You want to have a long-lasting effect on your community. Supporting ministries to care for those who need it and bring the light of Christ’s love can be a challenge. There are so many ways to extend your reach.

We help develop your effectiveness to reach your community for Christ. Our staff has years of experience with Charitable Giving, Endowment Programs, Estate Planning, and more ways to support your church’s ministries.

Charitable Giving
The Foundation has resources available to supplement your charitable giving messages within your church. We can meet with individuals and families and explain the different charitable giving options available.

Our focus is to guide you through all the options and make the best choice to accomplish charitable goals.

Endowment Programs
An excellent and simple way to set up stable financial support for a ministry is through an endowment program. This creates an enduring source of income to benefit a specific cause or ministry within your church.

An endowment can be set up with a gift now, or be included in an estate plan to be created later. We can help in understanding all of the details of accomplishing lasting good through endowments.

Estate Planning
Encouraging wise stewardship of a life’s accumulation is important to ensure long-lasting support for the good your church is doing. We have many tools to help in this planning process, and we suggest scheduling a time for one of our staff to come and share this process with you. We are always available to promote this message and answer any questions involved with setting up a will, an estate plan, or other legacy gift.

Call our office at 800-259-6863 so we can connect with you. We are an organization that is helping you to invest in doing lasting good in this world.

Do Lasting Good.

We desire to help you do the good you want without complicating the process of wills and estate planning. Our staff can guide you on the steps to take and work with your professional advisors to create a plan for lasting good. ­— Call or email David Battles at 800-259-6863 or dbattles@okumf.org


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