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Mission & Ministry: Skyline Urban Ministry


Skyline Urban Ministry is located in the shadow of the downtown Oklahoma City skyline, and its mission is to serve those who live in that shadow.

Skyline lives out its mission to impact lives by addressing the roots of poverty and empowering those in need. Skyline has been providing, groceries, meals, clothing, eye care and dignity since 1974.

The focus of Skyline’s service has always been the poor and needy of Oklahoma County. Nevertheless, the agency has nurtured strong relationships across our state.

Skyline serves as a setting for groups to serve the working poor in Oklahoma County and as a model for others as they seek to serve the needy in their own communities.

Skyline Food Resource Center

The Skyline Food Resource Center (FRC) fills the gaps for families trying to make ends meet while living on a low-wage or minimum-wage budget.

The FRC is a patron self-select pantry in which families may choose grocery items that fit with their tastes and dietary needs. On average, Skyline is able to supply 7-10 days’ worth of groceries.

Though patrons may shop once every 30 days, or 12 times a year, the majority shop three times per year or less, coming only when they have need.

Because there are those who cannot commute to the FRC, Skyline is piloting a “mobile pantry” that can distribute a few days’ worth of groceries to those living in food deserts and/or on the streets.

The mobile pantry will be done in conjunction with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and the ministry anticipates including a pantry site at OKC-Quayle.


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