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Reaching more young people is something churches talk about all the time, but which often seems just out of our grasp. Most local churches, even large ones, are happy to have ANY sort of stable young adult group.

What if I told you that there is one ministry in the Oklahoma United Methodist Church which consistently draws 390 young adults to worship, 550 young adults to discipleship groups, and over 1400 young adults to gather for food and fellowship, each and every week? Your ears might perk up a bit. You might want to call this church and ask them how they did it. You might assume that whatever they did would never work for you. Or, you might just not believe me.

Well, I assure you this ministry is not made up and these numbers are real. The same ministry led 38 young adults to profess their faith in Jesus Christ last year, and involved over 500 young adults in mission to their community and the world.

Where is this mystery church? Well, as you might have figured out, it is Campus Ministry in the Oklahoma Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. And the good news is that each and every one of you can be a part of it. United Methodists are reaching young people from Norman to Stillwater and from Wilburton to Goodwell. This ministry is enabled by your faithful giving through your local church’s Mission and Ministry funds, as well as your District Apportionments, local church partnerships, and individual support.

To find out more about the impact of Campus Ministry as well as how we distribute funding, please feel free to contact Shannon Rodenberg (shannoncrodenberg@gmail.com) or James Lambert (jlambert@asburytulsa.org) of the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry.


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