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From left: Katherine Giles, Kindergarten Teacher, Nancie Webb, Epworth Villa Resident, Jamilla Crawford, Principal.

What began in late 2021 as Neighbors Who Knit at Epworth Villa, quickly became Neighbors Who Stitch when other stitchers, crocheters, and quilters began to join. The group comes together each Tuesday to be in fellowship and prayer, and to create blessings for others in the Epworth community and beyond.

The group originally planned to create items signifying prayer, including prayer shawls, prayer scarves, prayer squares, pocket prayer shawls, and more. They recently added lap pads, fidget pads, hats, and scarves. The hats and scarves were a blessing to long-term care residents on outings to look at Christmas decorations.

The group also does projects for their churches, plus other organizations like Infant Crisis Services, Children’s Hospital, Hope Pregnancy Center, and Scissortail Elementary School.

As a gift for each Epworth Villa employee, the group created rice bag neck warmers/coolers, which come in handy for sore muscles.

In 2022, the group made: 25 prayer shawls, 51 prayer scarves, 49 pocket shawls, 153 pocket prayer squares, 20 hat/scarf sets, five bed socks, 25 baby hats, 43 lap pads, 21 fidget pads, 14 pet pads, 312 rice bags, plus positive bags, pillowcases and baby blankets.

Neighbors Who Stitch accepts donations of yarn. Questions about attendance at the gatherings can be directed to Chaplain Laura Glover at 405-752-1200.




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