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Legacy planning using endowments


Pearl Opel Thorpe had a vision of providing transitional housing and other support services to homeless women and their children in the Tulsa area. When she died, her estate created an endowment fund at the Foundation which achieved her dream. Pearl’s Hope receives monthly support from Opel’s endowment fund and is making a significant impact on the lives of the women and children it serves, giving them hope for the future.

Endowment funds are easy to establish

They can be established now with current gifts of cash, securities, or real estate. They can be created later through a legacy or planned gift. Another possibility is to start an endowment fund now and add to it later through a legacy or planned gift. The advantage of starting an endowment fund now is that you can enjoy the experience of changing lives through your endowment.

Endowment funds are flexible

They can be established to support your favorite ministry or ministries such as continuing your current giving level after your death; funding scholarships for church camps, mission trips, college, or seminary; supporting local and/or global missions; supporting children and youth enrichment programs; and building and property maintenance endowments to provide funds needed without using monies from the current budget.

Endowment funds are enduring

We all want to be remembered when we pass from this life. It is very natural to want to extend our values and influence into the future. Endowment funds provide that opportunity! Long after you are gone, your endowment fund will provide insight into what was important to you.

Establishing an endowment fund expresses confidence in the future of our church. It is an act of encouragement to the present and future leadership. Finally and most important, it allows you to make a difference. For more information about establishing an endowment fund, please contact David Battles, CPA at 800-259-6863 or dbattles@okumf.org.


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