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ImpactOK2 seeks young adults for new program


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A few years ago, the Barna Research Group unveiled a revealing study on what young adults said was missing from the church. They concluded that members of the connected generation wished that “their community might be included in and improved by” their personal spiritual development.

It was also clear that there is “a sense that ‘church life’ is distinct” from social circles or “even from the issues and problems facing the world.” The primary question then becomes, “How can churches create attractive environments where spiritual development is better integrated with the whole of young Christians’ lives—where discipleship feels less like self-help and more like a group effort?”

A new residential young adult ministry program being launched this spring will attempt to bridge the divide between young people in communities throughout Oklahoma and our local churches.

ImpactOK2 will place at least 8 community residents in local churches to work alongside the leaders in that church to create ministries for young adults.

Funded by the conference legacy fund as well as the host church, the two-year residency will focus on the gap between where churches want to be and their capacity to reach new people with an often dwindling staff.

As he has worked with congregations in transitions, the question “What can we do in the Oklahoma Conference to help churches develop vital ministries and connections for younger adults?” has haunted Rev. Chris Tiger, director of congregational development and conference resources.

This residential program for young adults would supply a full-time person at a part-time cost to the church, tasked with developing a core group of young adults in that context.

If the church has other young adults already in place, this person would serve as a catalyst for this group to become stronger. If the church lacks young adults, this staff person would be like a church planter who begins by developing a “Launch Team” of interested people who can then attract others.

The conference is currently receiving applications for host churches and young adult residents. If your church is interested in hosting a site, please be in touch with your district superintendent before applying.

Should you have questions about this exciting program, please be in touch with Rebekah Hasty, associate director of connectional ministries, at rhasty@okumc.org.

Site Application: okumc-reg.brtapp.com/ImpactOK2

Resident Application: okumc-reg.brtapp.com/ImpactOK2ResidentApplication


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