Here I am, Lord


Photo by Mark Foster

"Thousands of tiny faces remain in my mind," wrote Mark Foster of Edmond about migrant children he met in Turkey. The pastor spent about a week with an international worker family whose home church is Acts 2 UMC.

In a coastal city, Rev. Foster helped hand out basic supplies at three unofficial camps where people, largely Muslims from Syria, had sought refuge. "Understand they’ve walked 600 miles, through a war zone, farther than Joseph and Mary went to Egypt," he said.

One lone girl, perhaps age 8, with a sign in English asking for help of any kind, gestured that she was hungry. She spoke Arabic; the pastor, English; neither knew Turkish. "There was no DHS (Department of Human Services)," Foster said. "The poorest in Oklahoma City are wildly wealthy compared to these."

He gave her a couple of protein bars, pocket meals he’d packed for his trip.

"What would you do? What will we do? Her sign is a compelling mandate. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."


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