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District joins missionary in helping tribes’ kids


The Green Country District has entered into a Covenant Relationship with missionary Donna Pewo, announced recently by the district’s Board of Missions and Disaster Preparedness Team.

Rev. Pewo serves the Clinton Indian Church and Community Ministry of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC). From Lawton, she is a Church and Community Worker for the General Board of Global Ministries and an OIMC Local Pastor.

The ministry at Clinton, which is a priority of the OIMC, primarily serves children of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes. Pewo’s assignment includes worship, tutoring, and recreation.

The ministry was launched when a former lay missioner heard the call for a church to respond to the needs of disadvantaged children in the Clinton area. Many struggle in school, and they are surrounded by substance abuse.

The work began with a very small group, but had increased to 35 children by 2011.

The ministry strives to win the trust of the Cheyenne and Arapaho, who have had a skeptical view of Methodists. In 1864, almost 200 people of their tribes, including children, were massacred at Sand Creek, Colo., by a territorial militia led by a Methodist preacher. The contemporary church has apologized for the action and also contributed to a Sand Creek memorial.

"God has led me through many storms in my life," Pewo said. "I have learned to trust him and to be obedient to him for all he has done for me. I have faith in knowing that God is leading me in this new chapter of my life. As I go on this journey, I hope to bring our Indian people the hope that they can have new life in Christ."

District Administrator Brenda Scrivner shared these ideas to support Pewo and the children.

• Watch a video about the mission. https://youtu.be/UlzldyP0fsQ

• Read the newsletter. http:/goo.gl/EwxaPI 

• Ask church members to pray for the missionary and the kids.

• Start a covenant relationship with Pewo, for 10 cents per week per church member.

• Visit the Clinton ministry as part of a Volunteers in Mission team.

For more information or to invite Pewo to speak at your church, contact Karen Distefano, Conference secretary of Global Ministries, okcsgm@gmail.com  or 918-440-9213.


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