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Conference connection provides copyright licenses for all


In February, the Oklahoma Conference will renew the umbrella copyright licenses that permit every local church to use the extensive collection of songs and movies specifically licensed through two companies: CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) and CVLI (Christian Video Licensing International).

Your church’s Apportionments make possible this annual coverage.

In addition, local churches have related responsibilities during the year to show they are complying with U.S. copyright law. This involves separate tasks, according to type of license, and are described in this article.

CVLI — video licensing

Every local church must report its children’s ministry attendance totals, to ensure the correct amount of CVLI coverage. This annual digital report typically is made during the season for Charge Conferences.

It includes noting the proper names for any daycare, after-school, or Mother’s Day Out programs.

The children’s ministry numbers must be submitted on the “CVLI Children’s Ministry Online Survey” form that is part of each church’s digital Charge Conference packet.

Assign this reporting task to only one person at your church. (Duplicate submissions increase the cost for this licensing.)

Submitting the form is mandatory. If a local church has no such ministry, zero or not applicable must be entered.

If you have questions about the form, contact your district office, which oversees the digital Charge Conference packets.

Not every movie is covered by the CVLI license. To check, go to us.cvli.com and follow the instructions.

CCLI — song licensing

Local churches must keep records of songs covered by the CCLI license that they have copied, perhaps for choir use, or projected during worship.

The most accurate way to track these is on a weekly basis. Assign someone to spend a few minutes each week on this task.

A critical part of this licensing is the “Copy Report.” More about this:

  • Every 2 ½ years, the local church will be required to digitally submit a six-month Copy Report.
  • The CCLI company will notify a church by mail and email before it’s time to do the report.
  • Several people may create profiles and log in to work on the report online.
  • If there is no copy activity within the reporting period, the submission must note “Nothing To Report.”

Number of copies does not affect the licensing fee.

The purpose for these reports is so that CCLI accurately pays royalties to songwriters and producers. There are four types of reports explained on the company website: print, digital, recording, and translation.

For questions about CCLI licensing, email Nyla Wallin in the Conference Communications Ministry, nwallin@okumc.org.

Internet sharing is not covered

A local church must separately purchase a license for live streaming, podcasting, and posting recorded worship services that include music on social media such as Facebook. The Conference’s umbrella licensing does not cover this. Go to https://us.ccli.com.

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