Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church

Clergy take big steps for God


"Moving Day" for Oklahoma’s pastors carries extra weight for those taking part in the Conference Wellness walking program.

Each June, one day is designated as the official travel date for clergy who are relocating. This year that was June 8.

Picture packing boxes, rental trucks, fast food, and families in transit throughout the state.

Wellness coordinator Debbie Ware checked the walking program statistics for that day.

On average, 1.5 million steps are taken per day by all program participants.

On Moving Day 2017, they walked an additional 219 miles — a total of 1.9 million steps.

Ware also tracked down step totals for "moving week." Those topped 18.3 million, compared to an average 11 million steps per week.

Christ said, "Go," and Oklahoma’s clergy certainly step up in answer.


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TREASURED MOMENT — The ministry of giving in Oklahoma has been guided by these four leaders in succession. From right to left, the Conference’s treasurers from 1991 to current day are Jerry Perryman, Jo Ann McNaught, Brian Bakeman, and Norma Quinn. They posed for a snapshot during the annual health screening in May. McNaught is a lay woman, and the others are clergy. A total of 476 people completed the health screening, according to Wellness coordinator Debbie Ware.



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