Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church

Book Review: “More Than Miracles: From the Pulpit to the Page”


Book by Rev. Brian Matthews

Reviewed by Dr. Roberto Escamilla

Books of sermons abound; some of them are undoubtedly helpful. However, this collection is indeed different. “More Than Miracles” has some unique and significant features that make it worth reading.

The title “More Than Miracles” is suggestive of the hidden implications of the profound meaning of the biblical miracles in relation to existential human life. The subtitle “From the Pulpit to the Page” is a way of affirming the real connection between the preached word and the hearer in the congregation. It is a real bridge and a genuine sensitivity on the part of the person in the pulpit and the silent but powerful response from the congregation.

The sermons in this book exude a truly evangelical perspective, using the word “evangelical” in a wholistic definition of the term. Sometimes, the sermons address the harsh realities of our contemporary world. Ministers would find multiple creative ways that would stimulate their own reflection in their sermon preparation.

Likewise, lay persons would enjoy many sources of spiritual inspiration. The sermons provide excellent resources for Sunday School classes and other small groups because there are helpful questions for discussion at the end of each chapter.

All the sermons are topics related to living as the people of God. The book is a refreshing experience that proves the fact that preaching is still a powerful and effective way of communicating the gospel in the 21st century.


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