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#BeUMC campaign provides strategy, resources for outreach


Campaign image for the People of God Campaign which uses #BeUMC to promote the unity of the denomination. Image via ResourceUMC at https://www.resourceumc.org/beumc.

Nashville, Tennessee – A new #BeUMC online toolkit has launched to assist church leaders in creating engagement in their church communities focused on the work of the Holy Spirit being done through the people of The United Methodist Church. Resources include inspiring ideas and practical suggestions, worship and preaching aids, communication tools, informative research and more. Churches can access tools and details at ResourceUMC.org/BeUMC.

#BeUMC is a grassroots effort built upon powerful stories of congregations and individuals living their faith, while celebrating what draws people to the UMC and what United Methodists collectively aspire to be. It calls people to embrace their Wesleyan Heritage and envision a promising future in which members play an active role.  

The campaign speaks to the excitement, enthusiasm and hopes for the future of the denomination that are shared amongst United Methodists. The campaign is consistent both with the Council of Bishops of the UMC’s “A Narrative for the Continuing United Methodist Church,” adopted in November 2021, and with the Oklahoma Conference’s focus on sharing the work of the Holy Spirit through its laity, clergy, churches and ministries.

The UMC is founded on a Wesleyan theology of grace, anchored in Scripture and based in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the continuing movement of the Holy Spirit. The #BeUMC initiative’s overall messaging highlights the core tenants and values that unite United Methodists: disciple making; belonging and inclusion; influence, connection, and impact; and experiencing God through the UMC.

“These tenants are already present in the connections and ministries that drive the Oklahoma Conference,” said Rev. Derrek Belase, director of connectional ministry. “Regardless of our differences, United Methodists agree on a desire to be the church and embody the work of the Holy Spirit, which these four pillars ultimately represent.”

The Academy for Innovative Ministry taught clergy to imagine new ways to make disciples of Jesus Christ that redefined and reached beyond the walls of the church. Shattering the Stained Glass Window and other initiatives created through the Minority Local Church Concerns Committee seek to address challenges and injustices that face minority communities in Oklahoma and beyond. The Oklahoma Conference’s connection with the Chilean Conference is just one example of how local church ministries impact communities across the globe.

Belase believes all of these things together with the commitment of local churches to their congregations and communities show how the people called Methodists impact and seek to transform the state and the world.

“Though we as a conference still have work to do to fully embody these core values, our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ remains the same,” Belase said. “As United Methodists, we’re committed to showing the love of Jesus in the world, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the ministries of the local church.”

A specific core value of the #BeUMC campaign will be spotlighted every month. In addition to toolkit resources, United Methodist Communications is rolling out dedicated editorial content that mirrors each month’s theme to help members, leaders and seekers to dig deeper into these values via ResourceUMC.org, UMC.org and their social media channels.

The OKUMC will be using the #BeUMC frame on its Facebook page as well as including the hashtag in its social media posts. Rev. Joe Harris, director of the Communications Ministry, said the measures are a small but effective way to demonstrate unity and common values among United Methodists in Oklahoma.

“There is much more that unites us than divides us,” Harris said. “We encourage our members and ministries to join us in celebrating the core values that unite the people called Methodist.”

Downloadable resources are available in English and Spanish language, with French and Korean options on the horizon. Click here to read the full release.


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