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Many of our local churches are constantly seeking how to attract younger families and how to raise more money. ARISE will get your leaders and members thinking, talking, and praying about the future of the church.

We love you because he loves you

Rev. Tish Malloy is the district superintendent of the Northern Prairie District in Oklahoma. She attended a previous ARISE gathering, and here is a bit of what she learned:

It has helped our churches do something to think strategically about how they would want to reach out to their community. I get to hear them tell me about how much they have become more aware of their own community, and the importance of reaching out in their community to share the gospel in meaningful ways…

But more than that even, just simply reaching out to people because we’re Christians, and to let people in the local schools, and the local government folks, and those who support us with emergency services, and our neighbors all around us to simply know we are the Church of Jesus Christ —and we love you because He loves you. That has been an extraordinary outcome for several of the congregations in my district.

Senior Pastors and key laity (influencers) are invited to attend and carry the ARISE message back to your church. We will then work with your leaders in a supporting role to make the most of this opportunity to reach God’s people.

For more information about ARISE, please contact Mike Wiley at 800-259-6863 or mwiley@okumf.org.

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Read about ARISE on our website, www.okumf.org/betterstories


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