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Ministry snapshots - Shattuck cooks holiday feast


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A new small group at Shattuck-First UMC hosted the church’s first Christmas Day Dinner in 2012. Even with snow that day, lonely and hungry people were fed and church members experienced working and celebrating together in service to God’s Kingdom.

The second Christmas Day Dinner will be served soon, according to Pastor Rick Trobaugh.

The small group had been studying "Committed to Christ: Six Steps to a Generous Life," by Bob Crossman. The last chapter, "Hands-on Service in Jesus’ Name," inspired them to act.

One member recalled free Thanksgiving Day dinners at a family’s restaurant.

A newer member talked of her experiences in another church that served Christmas Day dinners. She also had helped prepare meals for large groups in various ministries. When she expressed a desire to do something similar in Shattuck, others offered to help.

The project’s mission is to not only feed the hungry or lonely on Christmas Day, but also to eat with them, to become acquainted and form relationships.


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