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With God, a thousand years are like a single day (2 Peter 3:8). Think of that verse when you consider the speed of Internet changes. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a prominent tool of change in this moment.

In early November, the Department of Communications implemented this technology as part of a redesign of the Oklahoma Conference website, http://www.okumc.org

The website’s appearance now adapts to fit your mobile device or desktop computer. With RWD, a page adjusts itself for screen size and for vertical or horizontal viewing. On your smartphone, the elements stack, and larger type aids touch-screen interaction.

"More people than ever are using their tablets and smartphones to look at the Internet," said Alicia Galyon, who is the Web ministry coordinator/graphics designer in the department.

"To make the experience better, you have to adjust to whatever device the person is using," Galyon said.

"I want them to see all our resources. Through the website, we’re telling the story of the ministries, what’s going on, just how much we do in the Conference."

Just how extensive is the website? The tally of main pages greatly exceeded 200 some time ago, she said. For example, Camp and Retreat Ministries (www.okumc.org/camp) is a main page, with many secondary pages.

Galyon steered the website’s overall redesign from a fresh perspective. She wanted the navigation "to fit more intuitively what any user would search for."

She explained, "I tried to get away from Conference-speak. If I was a new user, I would not have a clue about that. The navigation is not organized by the Conference structure."

On the homepage, she pointed out the "Events/Registrations" link, a new feature. One click connects you to a list of forms, to shorten search time and signup. Also new is a "Directories" section.

Funding for the redesign came from the Annual Conference Council, Administrative Services, and Department of Communications.


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