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Congratulations to Nathan Mills, pastor of Fort Cobb United Methodist Church, for winning the Foundation’s $1,000 Volunteers In Mission voucher!

Rev. Mills signed up for the giveaway during the 2013 Annual Conference.

Like never before, financial topics are in the news. Everyone is looking for a way to save or invest for the future. The swings in the stock market cause many to be uneasy about the direction they should take. CDs and money-market funds are paying little or no interest.

If your goal is to make a lasting impact for your local church or other United Methodist cause, you owe it to yourself to learn more about charitable planning options with tax and income benefits, and about the personal joy of giving to meaningful ministries.

There are many ways you can make a planned gift through the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation to your local church or favorite ministry. You will enjoy benefits such as these:

Receive income paid at an attractive rate for your life and your spouse’s life.

Eliminate or reduce capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated assets.

Receive an income-tax deduction this year and enjoy possible tax savings in future years.

Help further the good work of ministry for many years.

One type of planned gift that many find beneficial is a charitable gift annuity through the Foundation.

This annuity can be created by transferring cash or appreciated property to the Foundation. We create a contract with you and then pay you fixed income, starting now or in the future. Your rates are fixed and based upon your age. Your payments never change, and a portion of your income could be tax-free.

In addition to cash, a charitable gift annuity can be funded with securities or even real estate. One idea is to exchange your underperforming CDs, stocks, or municipal bonds for the fixed payment of a charitable gift annuity this year.

The benefits of creating a charitable gift annuity do not stop with the income. You will enjoy a charitable tax deduction and ultimately establish an endowment to benefit your church or United Methodist ministry after you are gone.

Call David Battles at the Foundation to inquire about your gift annuity rate (based on your age) and your income and tax savings. We are able to provide you with a free personalized illustration of how a gift annuity might benefit you.


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