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Grants available  for special ministries

As the Sept. 15 deadline nears, churches and ministries are encouraged to apply for the Foundation’s Petree Grant. Grants are awarded for projects specializing in the care of children, youth, the aging or needy, and the disadvantaged. Applications require your district superintendent’s approval and signature before being sent to the Foundation.

Since 1996 the Petree Committee has awarded more than 200 grants totaling more than $1 million to different United Methodist agencies and churches across our state. The committee encourages agencies and churches with innovative projects, programs, and ministries bringing youth, the aging, or marginalized into a closer relationship with God, their church, and their community.

The grant application is available on our website at www.okumf.org  and must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the Foundation by Sept. 15. For questions or more information, call Barbara Gayle at the Foundation at 800-259-6863.

While there are plenty of uncertainties for those without a will or estate plan, there are great rewards for those who do have one. For those who plan, there is comfort and satisfaction in knowing love for family and friends will continue for years to come. Property and assets enjoyed today will be preserved and appreciated tomorrow.

There is another benefit, too. Some individuals who have wills also include provisions in their plans for their local United Methodist churches or favorite United Methodist ministries.

Including a charitable organization in your will has further benefits. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates and affirms that the prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness you vowed and lived out will be transformed into a lasting legacy.

When you include a gift in your will to your church or favorite ministry, you are telling yourself, your family, and the world what you believe, and the ministry we will do together is important and significant for all time. Your family will see your life’s work will be lasting.

There is also another benefit you and your heirs will appreciate. When you include a gift to a United Methodist cause, your estate benefits from an estate tax charitable deduction.

Your life matters and your wishes count. Use the Foundation’s Wills Planner to identify those values and people important to you.

Rather than leaving questions about what you would have done or would have liked others to do, you leave a lasting legacy.

This is a gift that clearly demonstrates a commitment beyond your years—but not beyond your reach.

Visit our website at www.okumf.org  for our online Wills Planner or call us at 800-259-6863 for our free Christian’s Guide to Planning Your Will & Trust.


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