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Seminary Lite: 3 Saturday courses for laity - News 2012


Three spring courses in "Seminary Lite" begin Feb. 18 on the Oklahoma City University campus, offered by Saint Paul School of Theology at OCU.

Each course meets one Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes lunch. Enrollment is per class; a participant may attend only one—or more.

The series of six courses, focused on learning for laypeople, made its debut last fall. The program is endorsed by the Oklahoma Conference Board of Laity.

  • Feb. 18: "United Methodist Heritage"—Dean Elaine Robinson summarized her topic: "We will examine the basics of our United Methodist identity. What does John Wesley have to do with us today? How do we organize the denomination and why? What are the basic beliefs of United Methodists? Do I have to agree with them? Why do we baptize infants? And why does any of this matter?" (Meets in the Great Hall, McDaniel University Center)

  • March 17: "Introduction to Church History"—Professor Jim Brandt wrote, "This seminar will explore the larger periods of church history: the Early Church, the Medieval Church, the Church of the Reformations, the Early Modern Church, and the Church in the 19th and 20th Centuries." (Also meets in Great Hall)

  • April 21: "Introduction to Worship"—Professor Hal Knight stated, "This provides an introduction to the theology and practice of worship, from what it is to why we do what we do. It will look at patterns of public worship throughout the Christian year and at weekly gatherings." (Meets in Gardner Conference Room, Meinders School of Business)


Contact Rachel McClain, 405-208-5757, OCUevent@spst.edu.  Cost is $50 per class. More info: http://www.spst.edu/783.


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