31 attend Licensing School


For the 2011 Local Pastors Licensing School, held in June at Oklahoma City University, participants are shown from left. Front row: Antonio Porter, Chris Walker, David Fields, Jeff Hiller, Brandon Blacksten, Andy Nelms, and Phil Davis. Second row: Richard Woodford, Kevin McKinley, Preston Morgan, Phil Hodson, Max Whipple, Brad Dery. Third row: Judy Conner, Lindee DeRoin, Patience Mutiso, Pamela Anderson, Kimberly Giles, Mikel Araujo, Patty Van Doren. Fourth row: Tim Ashcraft, Dan Denny, Scott Raines, Christopher Ruddell, James Cinocca. Back row: Kristi Simpson, Kristiane Smith, Jolenda Cole, Susan Marks, Barbara Fyffe, Belenda Terry. At center back are the dean John Breon and assistant Kay Buchanan.