Annual Conference 2011 Clergy


New ordinands pose May 31 in the garden at OKC-St. Luke’s, with Bishop Hayes and Michael Burkett of the Board of Ordained Ministry. From left: ­deacons Jim Stilwell, Erica Thomas, and Richard Norman; elders Sheri Lashley, Lester Bussell Jr., Mark Whitley, Jan Fletcher, Rev. Burkett and the bishop, Spencer Smith, Elizabeth Horton-Ware, Gloria McGee-Denton, Scott Heusel, and Patti McCall.
New provisional clergy and associate members gather May 29 in OKC-St. Luke’s with Bishop Hayes and Michael Burkett, chairman of the Board of Ordained Ministry (in red stoles, right and left). Top right: deacons are, from left, Ulrik Petersen, Cynthia Culver, and Harold Hamilton. Lower right: associate members are, from left, Daniel Llanos-Jimenez, Don Whitman, and Robert Duran Sr. New provisional elders are: Timothy Trujillo Sr., center front; and from left: (second row) Nancy McCullough, Brandon Blacksten, Jim Cinocca Jr.; (third row) Felecia Hensley, Gerard Nsabimana, Adam Leathers, Kyle Anderson; (fourth row) Tari Carbaugh, Kathy Brown, Alan Nagel; (top row) April Coates, Tiffany D'Amours, Temple Diehl, and Matthew Scraper.

Photos by Holly McCray