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History Channel series added to Media Library


The Media Library, housed at the United Methodist Ministry Center in Oklahoma City, has acquired several new DVDs. To check-out these free resources, contact Amelia Ballew, 405-530-2075, aballew@okumc.org

You will find a complete online listing of titles in the library at www.okumc.org.  Select "Media Library" in the links on the left side of that Web page.

  • From the History Channel, a documentary series features in-depth information about historical events from the Bible and biographies of biblical people. These DVDs with teaching guides could be useful in a variety of settings. They are: Biography: Paul, Last Supper, Judas: Traitor Or Friend?, James: Brother of Jesus?, Jesus’ Jerusalem, Biography: Pontius Pilate, The Trial of Jesus, The Execution of Jesus, Jesus: His Life, and Mary of Nazareth.

  • In this year’s School of Missions, one of the studies was "Joy to the World." Study groups revisited a video used in previous schools: "God’s Transforming Mission." This DVD, complete with a study guide, identifies some of the major mission challenges Christians are expected to confront in this 21st century: mission among the world’s poor, ministry to children and youth, the impact of globalization, and reconciliation among nations and peoples.

  • Bluefish TV recently came out with new adult-level Bible study materials. There are three kits, described below. In each kit, you’ll find optional resources for download to help turn small-group study into a study for your whole church. Each kit includes a bonus DVD. The kit presents Bible study material, a leader’s guide, and workbook; the bonus DVD is packed with real-life stories, video clips to accompany sermons, motion loops, audio segments, and promotional materials (teasers, fliers, posters, logos, headshots) to carry the message even further.

"Why Jesus?"—Filmed on location in Israel, featuring David Nasser. Culture is blurring the lines between faiths. It is increasingly difficult for people to grasp how their faith in Jesus Christ is unique. In four sessions, Nasser addresses the tough questions people have about Jesus and points them back to scriptural truths. Topics are: What’s the Big Deal about Jesus?, Was Jesus God or Just a Good Man?, Were Jesus’ Miracles Just an Illusion?, and Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

"Keep Climbing"—Shot on the highest summit in Europe, featuring Todd Phillips leading a team to Russia to climb Mount Elbrus. Phillips uses their trek as a backdrop to explore, in four sessions, how God works with us through the challenges in our lives.

"Prodigal Perspectives"—Featuring Chris Seay. In three sessions, viewers experience the Prodigal Son story from the Bible through the perspectives of the younger son, the elder son, and the father. Seay walks viewers through the Scripture, helping them to understand how jealousy, selfishness, and forgiveness affect personal relationships.


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