Living the Plan


Let's get personal. Your own faith growth is key in the Oklahoma Conference’s Strategic Plan.

The Church’s mission "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world" is both personal and collective. Transformational ministry—by churches, districts, the conference, and beyond—depends on you.

Are you closer to God today than you were last year? Further away? Or about the same? What does a disciple do? Have you shared your experiences? Has your church helped you?

Those questions were posed by Craig Stinson, director of Connectional Ministries and Congregational Development, at the 2010 Annual Conference.

"Faith is both inward and outward," Rev. Stinson said. "My faith has an individual component and a group expression within my community of faith. With a quarter of a million United Methodists in Oklahoma, we ought to see transformation going on!"

This "Living the Plan" series in Contact launches today with stories of individual spiritual development and personal Christian witness.

— Holly McCray


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