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  • Servant or Sucker? Wise and Compassionate Ways to Help the Poor: Learn how to discern appropriate, Christ-centered actions when addressing poverty on a personal or organizational level. (from Ecufilm)

  • Genesis: Explore our beginning one book at a time through this series hosted by pastor Richard Bewes and theologian Paul Blackham of All Souls Church, London. (NIV translation)

  • Once Upon a Stable: An adventure awaits a comical group of friends—a cow, moose, horse, pig, and rooster—as they welcome a guest to their small stable in Bethlehem.

  • Amazing Bible Race: Read, learn, and grow as you run through the pages of Scripture. Create a race and invite other teams to compete, or your team can join an existing race. Read the entire Bible or focus on one of the following: Law, Genesis through Deuteronomy (Leg 1); History, Joshua-Esther (Leg 2); Wisdom, Job-Song of Solomon (Leg 3); Prophets, Isaiah-Malachi (Leg 4); Gospel and the Early Church, Matthew-Acts (Leg 5); Letters and Prophecy, Romans-Revelation (Leg 6).

  • Worship Feast Liturgical Dance: Learn eight easy dances for a worship service.

  • Good God Theater: Ted & Company TheaterWorks uses humor to bring Bible stories to life:

  • Act 1: Old Testament: Sixteen vignettes with discussion guide will provide weeks of Bible study material. Stories include: Creation/ Cain and Abel/ The Flood / The Tower of Babel/ Jacob and Esau/ Reuben, Judah, and Joseph/ Hebrew Midwives/ Manna Surprise/ The Golden Calf/ Leviticus Council/ David and Bathsheba/ Solomon/ Prophet Radio/ Jeremiah/ Jonah/ and Advent. 

  • Act 2: New Testament: A heartwarming comedy-drama presents 16 stories, including: Gabriel’s Announcement/ Temptation/ The Call/ Feeding 5000/ Sermon on the Mount/ Don’t Tell Anyone/ Last Supper/ Arrest and Denial/ Breakfast on the Beach/ Pentecost/ Larry the Lame Guy/ Peter’s Vision/ Philip and the Ehtiopian/ Jerusalem Council/ Paul in Prison/ Don’t Be Afraid.

  • To check out free resources, contact Amelia Ballew, 405-530-2075, aballew@okumc.org;  or explore titles online at www.okumc.org


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