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January marks Foundation Month


Each year, January is recognized as Foundation Month throughout Oklahoma Annual Conference. The Foundation uses this time to create awareness of the need for proper estate planning.

Many people die without a will, which means they leave to the state important decisions about their life’s accumulation. It also means there will be no provision for their church and other ministries they found important.

A bequest is perhaps the easiest and most tangible way to have a lasting impact on the people and organizations that mean the most to you. A bequest may also be an effective way to make a gift and lessen the burden of taxes on your family or your estate.

Consider including a tithe of your will to benefit your United Methodist church. Your generosity will make a difference in ministry for generations to come.

The Foundation can provide more information on planned and estate gifts and permanent endowment funds. They have three planned-giving staff standing ready to help you plant the seeds of your legacy in your community and church.

Call Kristin at the Foundation, 800-259-6863, to request free bulletin inserts or more information about the Foundation to share with your congregation.

About The Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation

Is it time to update
your will?

The purpose of the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation is to ensure and enrich the ministries of future generations by attracting and managing endowment funds for Oklahoma United Methodist churches, institutions, and agencies.

The Foundation assists churches in establishing and promoting a permanent endowment fund program and presenting seminars to encourage estate planning and charitable giving.

With three planned-giving staff specially trained in estate planning, endowment formation, and church finance, the Foundation works to provide your church the best service possible.

The Foundation also works with individuals and their professional advisers in making gifts to their churches or other United Methodist causes.

The Foundation is a resource for donor recognition programs, endowment formation, gift acceptance policies, financial literacy programs, and wills and trusts and stewardship seminars for church leaders, Sunday school classes, and other groups. They advise administrative councils, trustees, and endowment and stewardship committees on cultivating legacy gifts and permanent endowments.

The Foundation provides customized brochures, will and trust guides, and bulletin inserts to increase awareness for permanent endowment programs within your church.

For details, visit www.okumf.org or call 800-259-6863.

Many significant things can happen in a year. It is suggested you consider reviewing your will or estate plan every four years. Below are several life changes and other noteworthy reasons to update your will or estate plan.

• You give birth or adopt a child

• Your children reach adulthood

• You inherit or are given "new" assets

• The needs of your beneficiaries change

• You give away or sell assets mentioned in your current will

• Significant change in value of assets

• Marriage

• Purchase or sale of real estate

• Relocation

• A named beneficiary dies

• Death, relocation, or disability of executor or trustee

• Death of a spouse

• Divorce

• You wish to make a gift to your church or United Methodist cause


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