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This campground is operated by and for the members of the Tulsa District of the United Methodist Church through a lease from the Corps of Engineers. As we respect the rights of others, we want you to respect our rights and our camp regulations. If you are not an actual member of one of the United Methodist Churches of the Tulsa District, or are not with a member of one of those churches, please do not use these facilities. There are many other public use facilities in the area.          This is a private camp!
U s a g e   F e e s:
  • If you are using a cabin, with permission from the local church that owns that cabin, the fee is $10.00 per night. This money defrays the cost of water and electricity.
  • If you are using an RV Campsite, the cost is $10.00, per unit, per night, occupied or not. 
  • If you are tent camping, the cost is $5.00, per tent, per night, occupied or not.
  • Youth groups in tents, a flat $1.00 per person, per night.
 Checks are preferable and should be made payable to: Tulsa District UMC Campground. Place the funds in the lock box or give to the official Camp Host if on duty or the caretaker if not.
C a m p   R u l e s:
1.      Everyone must register at the gatehouse. 
2.      No RV/Camper will be left unattended for more than 72 hours. After that time it will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. No continuous use beyond 14 days is allowed.
3.      No use of alcoholic beverages is allowed at the campground.
4.      Speed limit within the camp is 15 mph.
5.      Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
6.      Every person or group must clean their own area and put trash in the dumpsters.
7.      RV units MUST use the dump station for black water. The bathhouse septic is for port-a-potties only - it cannot handle a large quantity of wastewater.
8.      Tent campers should not take space near the RV power poles. Smaller and longer extension cords can be used for most tenting needs.
9.      Motorcycles, motorbikes, etc. are not to be used within the campgrounds for play --- they may be ridden into and out of the camp as transportation, but must, otherwise, remain parked.
10.    Specific regulations apply to the reservation and use of cabins. Contact individual churches for their reservation policy.
11.    All pets must be on a leash.
                                                                                                          Revised March 2009
Tulsa District UMC
Campground at
Lake Ft. Gibson
Church Cabin
Contact Information
Church                                   Contact                 Church                   Home                      Work                      Cell                         E-mail
Committee Chair                   David Hargrove                                               447-1900                590-3492                852-8481                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 david.hargrove@verizonbusiness.com
Camp Caretakers                 Don & Vicky Coble                           485-3742                                                 umccampground@valornet.com
Mailing address for the caretaker:
Don and Vicky Coble
C/O Methodist Camp Gibson
32402 East 720 Road
Wagoner, OK   74467               
Bixby 1st                                Janet Waddell 366-4463                                                                                                 fumcbix@olp.net
Broken Arrow 1st                 Francie Pardee    258-1505                                                                                 francie.pardee@fumcba.org
Centenary                              Georgia Brown    583-6988                                                                                 centenarymethodist@att.net
Epworth                                                                446-3516                                
Memorial Drive                     Dean Hedberg 835-8426                494-5791                                                                 Deanski@prodigy.net
St. James                                Tamie Jackson 299-1133                                                                                           tamiejackson@sbcglobal.net
St. Paul's                                Judy Murphy                   585-9596                                                                                 spumctulsa@sbcglobal.net  
St. Stephens                          Diane Lester     455-4202                                                                                                 dlester@ssumcba.org                                        
Trinity                                    Leanne Chaffin   743-8912                                                                                 LChaffin@trinitybrookside.org
University                             Shari Wilder    592-3633                                                                                                 uumcoffice@umeth.org   
Will Rogers                           Sammie Messick 834-0891                                                                                                 news@willrogersumc.org



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