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Expressions of Fruitful Congregations:
Project Transformation Partner Churches
Reading Volunteers
Each partner church is given one or two weeks to read at a designated site church. Approximately 12-15 individuals volunteer to read Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am -12:30 pm. Smaller congregations may be partnered with another congregation to fill one reading week.
Intern Meal Volunteers
Each Partner church provides lunches and dinners during the summer for the AmeriCorps members in the Tulsa program. 
·        Lunches: Served at each of the three Tulsa sites. Please prepare meals that will feed teams of six interns at each site. 
·        Dinners: Served at the interns’ residence. Please prepare a dinner for 18 AmeriCorps members plus one house chaplain. The dinners are served buffet-style at 6:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday. This is an opportunity to eat with the members and learn about their experiences with the children at the different sites. You will also be lending emotional support and encouragement to the interns.
Examples of popular dinners include: barbecue, spaghetti, taco salads, enchiladas, various pastas, hearty sandwiches, etc. The interns also enjoy veggies, fruits, and sweet treats! Volunteers are also asked to provide drinks for the evening—tea, lemonade, soda, etc.
Site Snacks & Supplies Donors
While all Tulsa sites receive their breakfasts and lunches through the Tulsa Public Schools Child Nutrition Program, they desperately need donations of afternoon snacks for 60-70 campers. In addition, sites are always looking to replenish their arts and crafts supplies. A list of needs and suggested snacks is provided. 
Financial Supporters
Project Transformation does not receive apportionments through the Oklahoma Conference and is therefore greatly dependent upon community grants, church and individual contributions. $600 will sponsor one camper during the eight week program, and $1200 will sponsor one college intern during their term of service. Any amount of financial support is joyfully accepted. Please send financial contributions to the Project Transformation office in Oklahoma City.
Optional Volunteer Opportunities:
Afternoon Enrichment Activity Leaders
Do you have a special talent or skill that you would like to share with 60-70 children? Project Transformation sites are always looking for individuals that are willing to lead an afternoon activity. Examples of previous activities include: teaching the children how to play chess; ballroom dancing; sign language; yoga lessons; science projects.
Afternoon Enrichment Activity Drivers and Chaperones
Do you have a mini van or large SUV? Would you be willing to volunteer your time and your car to help transport children to and from an afternoon activity? Throughout the summer, the children will visit places like the zoo, the pool, the aquarium, etc. Some sites do not have church vans and find it extremely difficult to transport the campers to and from an activity. Volunteer drivers are always a blessing! Proper driver identification and car insurance are required. 
Partner Church Representative
Each partner church must nominate a contact person. This is someone who will commit to serving on the Tulsa steering committee. They will serve as a liaison between the Project Transformation Tulsa Steering Committee and their church and commit to coordinating the above components. Please notify Cindy Mayes and Katie Dickerson of your church’s representative. Their contact information is provided below.
Rev. Cindy Mayes                               Mrs. Katie Dickerson
Associate Pastor/PT Board Chair       Tulsa Program Coordinator
Asbury UMC                                     Project Transformation
918. 492.1771                                   918.630.1284
cmayes@asburytulsa.org                    katie.dickerson@sandites.org
Project Transformation Program Staff Contact Information
1501 N.W. 24th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Ashleigh Sorrell Rose                         Teranne Williams
Director                                            Associate Director
Office: 405.530.2008                         Office: 405.530.2009
Cell: 405.414.7126                                      Cell: 405.550.8075
asorrellrose@okumc.org                             twilliams@okumc.org


Project Transformation:
Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world
Project Transformation’s volunteers seek to fulfill their social responsibility by assisting each child realize their full potential as an individual person of worth. Each time an individual volunteers to read one-on-one with a child, chaperone a field trip, lead an afternoon activity, or provide an AmeriCorps member dinner, they are serving as a disciple of Jesus Christ by demonstrating God’s grace. 
Local church members, whether part of a site church or a partner church, have learned that one person can make a difference – one child at a time. So many cultural problems today seem overwhelming and keep individuals from acting. Project Transformation offers a way for every individual to not only to make a difference in the world, but to experience the joy of serving and growing in Christ.
The involvement of the volunteers from the surrounding churches strengthens relationships between congregations in the Conference, and encourages mission within the local church.
“As members of the congregation, we’re sent into the community to serve those in need
and to make our community more loving and just.”
--Excerpt, United Methodist Member’s Handbook, by George Koehler


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

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