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What is the dream of the Wesley Foundation at Oklahoma State University?


Expansion of current ministries

Our mission, "To Make Disciples, Create Leaders, and Transform Lives for the Transformation of the World," is at the foundation of our dreams. The Wesley Foundation at Oklahoma State is not a building or a facility, but a ministry called to engage all students, faculty, staff, and community members with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Our dream for a new facility is rooted in our hope to be more effective, efficient, and engaged with a wider and more diverse audience. We dream to embody God’s Kingdom, as best we can, in the midst of our lives at OSU.

Through the success of the Imagine Capital Campaign, we will be empowered to reach out and engage a vast audience of students. Fraternities and sororities, traditional and non-traditional groups, international and minority faculty and students, Methodists and non-Methodists, Christians and non-Christians will find a place of growth, reflection, hope, and welcome. The dream of the OSU Wesley is to deepen our engagement in the message of Jesus Christ’s gracious invitation to life.

Five pillars of our ministry

Oklahoma State University is a diverse and growing major university. With a population of more than 25,000 students, representing more than 100 countries, we believe that we have an incredible opportunity to share God’s love in ways that have not only global, but also eternal impact. It is important that we as Christians engage and embrace all our students, faculty, staff, and community members with a sense of grace-filled Hospitality.

As Christians we understand that our first act of relationship with God is rooted in our practice of Worship. This worship calls us into the lives of people wherein we meet the various hopes and dreams of our brothers and sisters. In this relationship, we believe that Christ has called us to be a ministry of Healing and Wholeness.

As a ministry of healing and wholeness, we see and engage the gifts, talents, and grace given to all individuals and create processes to offer effective Leadership Development and opportunities for shared leadership.

At the foundation of our ministry is an understanding that we are called to Share Community. Shared community will take many shapes. Covenantal living, intentional discipleship, and family groups engage students, faculty, and staff in the various areas of development.

Our leadership’s commitment

Our Board of Directors, representing churches and communities across the state of Oklahoma, has partnered with the students and staff of the OSU Wesley to expand our networking and resources through the Imagine Capital Campaign. Their covenant to our ministry includes commitments of Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness. And we are so grateful for them. With their support, we have had regional "Imagine Our Future" events in Enid, Ponca City, Oklahoma City, Frederick, and Tulsa, with plans to do more.

Our invitation

We invite you to dream with the Board of Directors, staff, and students of the OSU Wesley by supporting our ministry through your Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness. We plan to keep you updated on a monthly basis through ads here in the Oklahoma United Methodist Contact, and we encourage you to stay connected by registering through our website for further updates and event invitations:

We invite you to host a local or regional Imagine Our Future event. From conversations at UMW circle gatherings to city-wide dinnertime evening events, we would like you to consider what it will look like to be part of our dream. Please email imagineosuwesley@gmail.com  for more information.


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OSU student Kelsey Murphy, left, of Inola, Okla., is blessed by having her hands washed by student Hasina Rakotomanana of Antananarivo, Madagascar. Both are active in the Wesley Foundation at the university. The UM campus ministry students and staff organized hand- and foot-washing on April 1 outside the Student Union. This Holy Week activity was just one of many ways the OSU Wesley Foundation is extending hospitality and practicing Christian leadership.


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

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