Managing Membership and Financial Data in the 21st Century


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Membership Manual


The United Methodist Church Membership Records Manual 2017-2020 (available from Cokesbury)

The task of the church is to reach out to people and receive them in the name of Jesus Christ, to help them relate to God, to nurture and strengthen them in their journey of discipleship, and to send them into the world to live transformed and transforming lives. The United Methodist Membership Records System supports the pastoral concern for persons that is so important to this task.

This manual includes:

  • Background, purpose, and value for keeping membership records for care and outreach
  • FAQs on records required by The Book of Discipline 2016
  • Tips on how to close gaps in your membership records
  • Sample of each membership record sheet with instructions


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

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