Sample Motion for becoming a lighthouse congregation

Our congregation____________________________________ on this date ______________ moves that we become a Lighthouse Church of the Oklahoma Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in partnership with Annual Conference's efforts to support and provide for persons whose churches have disaffiliated, but who also choose to remain United Methodist. In doing so, not only do we commit to remaining a part of the United Methodist Church of Oklahoma, but we also commit to serving those who have lost their church homes through disaffiliation or closure. We agree to this partnership by making a covenant with the members of this church to serve in this way:

  1. Provide a welcoming place to belong during this time of grief and transition, which may be for a time, or forever. This includes a safe space with caring relationships, listening hearts, and an unconditional love within a congregation that is confident it is remaining in the UMC.
    1. Provide all forms of pastoral and laity care.
    2. This may also include providing physical space for groups of people who are in this situation, to gather as they may be considering what it looks like for them to stay together as a church or ministry within the UMC of Oklahoma.
  2. Offer ministry opportunities in which to engage. However, there will be no pressure to do so.
    1. Worship: Providing worship opportunities either online or in person. These services should be intentional about engaging and welcoming new people into their midst. They should also include the sacraments of communion and baptism and opportunities to make a profession of faith and join the church, if desired by the individual.
    2. Discipleship: Creating space to learn and grow through small groups, like a Sunday School Class, bible study, or other small group which is a part of the church's ministry. Note: these persons may want to stay together in one of these expressions as a group.
    3. Mission: Inviting fellow United Methodists into opportunities to serve through hands-on ministries. These would include anything that falls under the ministry of the United Methodist Church on a local, district, or conference level.
    4. Connect persons or groups with Conference and District resources to help them discern their next steps as they consider a new church home.
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