Job Description for Oklahoma Conference Ministerial Recruiter

  • Identify and nurture persons in the local church who show signs of promise for called and ordained ministry in the local church.
  • Work closely with the pastor and the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (PPR) in identifying and relating to candidates of promise.
  • Become a team member in the Confirmation class to identify candidates early in the process.
  • Establish a mentoring and nurturing relationship with each candidate.
  • Inform candidates about Oklahoma "Explo", a weekend of exploration of ordained minsitry for senior high and college students. Make sure the PPR and the congregation is supportive and will fund the cost for the weekend.
  • Inform and encourage candidate to attend the National United Methodist "Explo" held every two years.
  • Maintain relationship with the candidate throughout the college and seminary years by sending care packages and letters. Encourage congregational members to aid in this so that the whole congregation is involved in the nurturing process.
  • Encourage your local church to give a scholarship to ministerial candidates.
  • Work with pastor in planning a Christian Vocation Sunday which will be the first Sunday after Annual Conference. Remind the congregation that the offering received that morning will go to the Ministerial Development Fund which is designated to give financial aid to seminary students.
  • Acquaint  yourself with the Conference Coordinator of Recruitment and Nurture and with the Conference Web site a resource for ministerial candidates, Ministerial Recruiters, and Conference Agencies.
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