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The Flexible Benefits/Cafeteria Plan

adopted by the Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church provides eligible employees the option of paying their basic medical premiums (including voluntary dental and vision provided by the Oklahoma Conference) and other qualified medical or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars through a salary-reduction agreement with their salary-paying unit.

Eligible Participants include:

Licensed or ordained clergy under appointment in the Oklahoma Conference who are certified by their District Superintendent as living on the charge and working at least 30 hours per week and are offered and are eligible to participate in the self funded Medical Plan.  


Lay persons who are employed by a local church or conference agency and are certified by their supervisors as working at least 30 hours per week and are offered and are eligible to participate in the self funded Medical Plan and earning at least the minimum wage are also eligible for enrollment.

Keystone Flex Administrators

Starting in 2016 our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s) will be managed by Keystone Flex Administrators.  Keystone is a local company located in Edmond with 30 plus years of experience in FSA administration with daily manual claims processing.   For more information regarding Keystone please visit www.keystoneflex.com

  • Dependent Care Expense claims will be processed daily and can be paid via check or direct deposit
  • All participants who elect Medical Expense Reimbursement will be issued prepaid “Benny” Cards.

The charges remaining on the Benny Cards will be forfeited after 12/31/2016.  Manual filing of claims can be submitted up to 90 days after the plan year end as long as Dates of Service are incurred from 1/1/16 to 12/31/16.

Prepaid "Benny" Cards provide fast and easy access to your money set aside in your FSA. Just swipe & go!


Highlights of the Card Include:

  • No Claim Forms to fill out
  • No waiting on checks or direct deposited funds
  • Account Balances & details are always available online
  • Ability to use the card at tens of thousands of merchants
  • No submitting receipts to verify purchases for eligible expenses

You can use your Card to pay for:

  • Office Visits & Copayments
  • "Amount due” on Statements
  • Prescription Copayments
  • Annual Deductibles
  • Diabetic Testing Supplies
  • Dental Expenses
  • Vision Expenses including Lasik
  • Eligible Over the Counter Items

For more information please visit www.keystoneflex.com

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