How to do More with Less - Leading the Post-Pandemic Church
Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central Standard Time

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OKC New Hope UMC
11600 N Council Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

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$50/person includes lunch, handouts and two books

How do we do more with less?” This question has worried many churches, and it’s no doubt that churches operating from a model of decline are left struggling even more after the pandemic. And the shutdowns didn’t help. As churches look to the past in hopes of having a better present and future, they discover there is less togetherness, less resources, and less experience. Churches are left asking “How can we do more with less?” While not every congregation has been negatively impacted in all of these areas, this urgent question is one that you likely find yourself asking. Built from the concepts in Rebekah Simon-Peter’s books, Dream Like Jesus and Forging a New Path: Moving the Church Forward in a Post-Pandemic World, this interactive workshop will teach you:

  • How to do more with less togetherness.
  • How to do more with lessened resources.
  • How to do more with less experience.
  • Three surprising ways that less is actually more.

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Rebekah is passionate about reconnecting spiritual leaders with their God-given powers to co-create miracles with the divine.  Her award-winning group coaching program, Creating a Culture of Renewal® has energized church leaders across the country to reclaim their calling and to grow their ministries.  Known for teaching leaders how to bring out the best in the people who frustrate them the most, her work transforms church leaders and the congregations they serve.

A dynamic speaker, Rebekah has engaged and challenged audiences around the country.  When she’s not on the road, you can find her on the hiking trail with her dog Beau, or concocting in the kitchen with her wonderful husband Jerry Gonzales.

Questions – contact Rev. Derrek Belase, executive director of Connectional Ministry (405/530-2020;

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